Platinum is the most common metal selection for engagement rings and wedding bands. Platinum’s naturally white sheen will never fade or change color, and accentuates the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond. Its density makes it the most secure setting and even though it is the toughest of metals in can scratch and show wear.

Platinum jewelry is very rare; in fact, 30 times more so than gold. Our platinum is 95% pure (5% iridium, palladium, ruthenium, and other alloys), and its purity makes it naturally hypoallergenic.

Platinum Options

  • Platinum 950 Ruthenium
  • Platinum 950 Copper
  • Platinum 900 Iridium
  • Platinum 900 Strong


Gold is an enduring element found naturally in a distinct yellow color, gold is resistant to rust, tarnish, and corrosion. Although gold is very strong, it’s also the most malleable of all precious metals. Pure gold is too soft for everyday wear, so it is alloyed with a mixture of metals like silver, copper, nickel, and zinc to give it strength and durability. Karatage, denoted by a number followed by “k” indicates purity, or how much of the metal in a piece of jewelry is gold. Karatage is expressed in 24ths, making 24k gold, 100% gold.

Scale of Gold Purity:

  • 24 karat = 100% Gold
  • 22 karat = 91.7% Gold
  • 18 karat = 75.0% Gold
  • 14 karat = 58.3% Gold
  • 10 karat = 41.7% Gold

The type of metal alloys included and the percentage of each metal alloy determine the color of gold.

Gold Options

White Gold

  • 14K White Standard
  • 14K White w/ Palladium
  • 18K White Standard
  • 14K White w/ Palladium

Yellow Gold

  • 10K Yellow
  • 14K Yellow
  • 18K Yellow Standard
  • 18K Yellow-Yellow

Other Golds

  • 14K Rose
  • 14K Soviet Red
  • 14K Green
  • 18K Green
  • Silver

    Pure Silver is relatively soft, very malleable, and easily damaged so it is commonly combined with other metals to produce a more durable product. The most popular of these alloys is sterling silver, which consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper.

    Although any metal can make up the 7.5 percent non-silver portion of sterling, centuries of experimentation have shown copper to be its best companion, improving the metal’s hardness and durability without affecting its beautiful color.

    Silver Options

    • 925 Silver (de-ox)
    • Silver Platinum 3.5%